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Rumors, Untruths With Commodore 649622742

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Enjoy ranges above ten lands and the 5 stages of Acamantor's internal sanctum. The excellent outdoors characteristics landscapes of desert and fireplace, rocky plains, woodland, swampland, drinking water, caverns of Darkness, a toxic land of fungus and an ice area. This time, the Druid has a choice of four elemental that might be summoned as travelling companions, like the cumbersome clay Golem that accompanied him in the 1st sport. There's Wisp, a quick but weak Air Elemental, Phoenix, a Hearth Elemental that is quickly-moving but weakened by drinking water and Kra- ken, the H2o Elemental that is rendered weak by heat.

Commodore 64

Spell electricity and magic is the mainstay of any Druid, and this 1 is no exception. A multitude of magic, equally offensive and defensive, is scattered close to the perform region which includes two distinct strengths of 'Smart Bomb' - Loss of life gentle and Death land - which demolish most creatures inside a minimal selection.


Lightning bolts are ten instances much more potent than basic electric powered bolts and are really beneficial for dealing death. Opponents may be hampered by using spells such as the Crucifix or Switch Absent spells which frighten creatures absent, while the Slow spell induces lethargy into attacking creatures, permitting you to outrun them. If keys are in quick supply, the Door blast spell blows open up all doorways inside of a constrained variety, killing any nearby creatures in the method.